Friday, March 2, 2007

day one

Ok, so the saltwater flush totally sucks. It tastes horrible. A friend of mine (editor of the fabulous magazine Herbivore: described it as the same feeling as when you're a little kid, swimming in the ocean, getting knocked over by huge waves and swallowing seawater. . . but you're too stupid to get out onto dry land. YES! That is just what it feels like. I made it through almost the whole liter.

I had heard that this reacts with you body by giving you "butt pee" or something like that. An accurate description. It's a horrible, sickly color. Yet, it's kinda cool. Seriously-- the senna tea gave me a nice robust movement in the morning (not that I usually have any trouble with that, being both vegan and a fiberholic, I'm used to that), but the saltwater flush got out so much more that I guess would have just languished inside my colon? Interesting.

I'm on to the lemonade drink, which is really not all that bad. In fact, it tastes kinda good! The cayenne is a little strong, but it makes it a pretty color-- maybe I'll take pics of that at some point? I could post it on food porn on the Post Punk Kitchen forums (

It's a good thing I like lemons.

Right now I feel hungry, but not horribly so. It's only 10:00 am, though, so I've only missed one meal. We'll see how I feel later today.

I think I might take Josh's advice and make the lemonade slushy tonight while John eats dinner.

Later that night:

The first day is horrible. I've been having mood swings, and I've been pretty bleh. I took a two hour nap in the middle of the day, and I'm ready for bed (really really tired) even though it's only 10:45 or so. I guess I need to make it over the hump? I am trying to think about this one day at a time-- thinking that I have nine more days of this is too horrible to contemplate.

I am kind of worried about getting all my work done-- I was going to take the weekend off, but I don't think I will. I am going to start doing a little work tomorrow, even if I just grade my midterms. I have a ton of stuff hanging over my head and I think it's overwhelming me and making me feel more unhappy.

But yay! I've gone over 24 hours without eating! Holy crap!

Interesting phenomena: my mouth tastes fucking horrid. And the "smooth move" tea is so fucking nasty, it cannot even be described. It makes my mouth angry. I am going to brush the hell out of my mouth in a minute. I feel like I smell bad, but John tells me I don't and I don't think he's just being kind. I kind of feel like my nose is going crazy right now.

Ok, day two tomorrow. One day at a time.

I forgot to weigh myself today, but I will record weight tomorrow.

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